“I’m The motherfucking Black Widow!”

I was in a bus, headed to somewhere with a whole bunch of people, majority males, who I knew but didn’t really know. You get me? They must have been classmates, though I only recognized one. Let’s call him Sean. Sean and I were sitted next to each other in this raggedy, crowded old bus. Looking out of the window, sand, palm trees and the undeniable heat. Okay. I’m definitely in a coastal town. Minutes later, Sean and I are drinking madafu. I could feel that cold coconut water move down my alimentary canal and open up my system. It was Jesus-water. Next thing I know, the coconut water turns brown, like it has soil in it….then turns to dust right before my eyes. Now I’m holding a coconut filled with soil….I WAS SHOOK! It didn’t only happen to me, it happened to everyone in the bus who was drinking madafu.

Thirst overcame some of us, so we begged the patron who was with us to let the bus stop so we could search for water. This patron lady felt like a mother figure. I felt like she was my mother, but she wasn’t. She definitely did not sound or look like my mother. This patron lady was bulky, around 5’8, dark. She wore navy blue track-suit pants…the ones which feel like nylon and have a net-like material on the inside plus two white lines on each side of the leg, a white-ish pink-ish tie-and-dye t-shirt and a badly tied head scarf on her head. My mother would never walk around looking like that, but still, this woman felt like my mother. So two people stepped off the bus with me, male and female, and shock upon me, we were at one of the bypasses on Thika highway. Why was I the only one shocked? Like five minutes ago we were somewhere near the ocean sipping coconut water then…. I was shocked but awkwardly calm. Like I expected it. Like it was normal.

So we got off the bus to fetch water from the plastic bags with plants in them.


Yes, we were pushing our bottles against the soil to make the water ooze out so we can fetch it. When the patron saw this, she started yelling at us (just like mum). She called us stupid and told us to fetch water from the sewer right next to the plant nursey in the middle of the under-pass of a bypass along the Thika highway. “It’s more nutritious!” she said. I remained behind to fetch this nutritious sewer water, cursing under my breath after being yelled at by the patron. I was mad. ‘who are you calling stupid? What’s stupid is what you’re wearing…..@#$%*&@’ 

When I get back on the bus, it’s different. It’s new. It’s spacious. Looked like a tourist bus, the ones at the airport. Less people were in the bus. Sean….gone. Patron lady…gone. Only a few familiar faces left. But something felt odd. There was an extremely old lady of Indian descent lying on the floor of the bus at the back, covered with a white, woolen typa thing. Maybe a shawl? I’m not sure. I’m talking really old here; whole body covered in pale, wrinkled skin. Trembling movements. Hair completely white.

I took my seat at the front, the row right behind the driver but to the left. It was a very uncomfortable feeling. My insides were up in flames. I was scared as shit. I slowly turn around to catch a glimpse of the old lady and I find her totally black eyes staring right at me! I was so terrified I couldn’t feel my heart beating anymore. My body got so cold as my blood slowly began to clot deep within my vessels. That one moment of probably 5 seconds felt like it lasted forever. I immediately turned my head back th face the front and there she was, right infront of my face. I could feel her breath on me.

You know what I did? I prayed. I covered my eyes with my left hand, extended out my right hand and started waving it at this demon woman and I prayed like never before. I prayed so hard. I chanted all the catholic prayers I could remember at the time. Started out with Our Father and I was still so scared I ended up re-mixing it with Hail Mary and The Apostle’s Creed. While I was praying for my life, I parted my fingers to see if God was looking out for me and these prayers were working. Bruh, this old lady was violently vibrating herself into a young woman. I just cried for myself. If you’ve watched horror movies, I’m sure you know how those demons vibrate their heads really fast and it’s like you’re seeing 12 beings at once but you’re not really sure that’s what you’re seeing. That’s exactly what this old lady did. She transformed from a 305 year old to a 40 year old right before my poor eyes. The worst part was everyone was calm af. Like oh, just another demon lady transforming like she’s been dipped in the fountain of youth…nothing out of the ordinary. I didn’t even have the strength to turn my neck to peep if other people were seeing this. My brain was malfunctioning. My body was dead and gone.

She stopped vibrating and started laughing. That deep, evil, malicious blood clotting, bone breaking, lung collapsing, cancer giving laugh. She laughed because I was still praying. She was young now, probably late 30s or 40 with Dark silky hair cut into a messy bob. She was dressed awkwardly. I don’t remember well but there was some light brown and red on her torso attire. Her eyes, blacker than the night. She spoke.

“Pourquoi pries-tu pour ton dieu?”   why are you praying to God?

I couldn’t speak. But in my head, I was screaming at soprano C.

“Il ne tu sauvera pas!”  he will not save you

So apart from this demon woman being able to transform, she speaks french too. Great…just great. And it’s like she could hear my responses straight from my mind because I couldn’t speak.

“Tita…” she began, “I too used to pray to God. I would spend countless hours praying, thanking Him, worshiping Him and groveling at His feet. All I wanted was to feel at home, to feel safe but He did nothing and I still remained WEAK! I was NOTHING!”

She spoke the last sentence with so much venom and hatred. As she spoke, I could envision her worshiping the Lord in a deep hole with white walls and light everywhere. I saw her true form. She was a spider made of human flesh and bones. She was fragile. I could see her praying while crawling around from wall to wall. As she prayed, a hand extended from above. The hand with sharp, pointy nails would grab her spider-like body and insert it’s index finger into her abdomen. It’s like it was giving her strength, making her pray even louder. But then, at some point, she began to look weaker and weaker like the life was being sucked out of her. And her prayers got softer and softer ’till she was inaudible and lay there in the white hole…still. But one day, a darker hand with very sharp red nails came from the right side of the hole and forced the nails into her torso. She screamed but the screams then transformed from those of fear and pain to those of strength and utmost power. Her body transformed to that of a Human-spider hybrid with skin like that of a featherless chicken to total black armor covering all her eight legs with red markings on the top of the torso. Her fangs grew to snake size, her eyes widened and became pitch black with evil. I snapped out of the trance bringing me back to the bus with a black eyed lady at my face.

‘who are you?” I thought in fear.

She took at step back and transformed as she declared with pride, “I’m the motherfucking Black Widow”

She fucking became a black widow spider with a shiny exoskeleton with a human head and snake fangs!!!! Now is when everyone on the bus began screaming as she bit them and infected them with her venom causing them to become mute, still and lifeless but still alive. Kinda like a zombie…but more of in a trance. I also think she was part vampire cause she was enjoying that blood way too much. I’m running to the back of the bus, headed for the emergency exit ’cause at this point I’d rather be grated to pulp rolling on the road than deal with this shit! As I try to jump out the window, some guy grabs me and says,  “Let it happen. It’s the only way” and the creepy black widow spider human snake thing changes back to her human form.

“You are the chosen one. You were selected to be the queen and lead these people…” she points to the trance-engulfed people of the bus. “…that’s why i’m here. He gave me power to transfer to you. But you’ll have to kill me first before you obtain your rightful position for this is my fate”

“No, you can’t stop it. Don’t bother calling on God. While you were praying the first time I cast a spell blocking any of your prayers. Verni vi… (I don’t remember what she said well) On the palm of my right hand, those words were already engraved like a fresh burn mark.

She handed me the sword and it looked like a Jedi sword but with an actual blade. Excalibur she called it and forced everyone to bow before me.

pop up sword
sth like this but with an actual pop-up blade

We began the fight. Everything went dark…it was suddenly night time. The Lights in the bus went off. But I could see her….and I wanted to kill her. I don’t know what came over me but I was no longer scared. I hunted her down stealthily and scored two hits, cutting off one of her legs before she bit me and injected me with her venom. Surprisingly, I liked how it felt. It made me stronger, it was exciting to feel the venom spread through my veins really fast…I even smiled.

“Yes…It’s working.” she said as if she could see me secretly transform.

I was scared again. Not cause of the formidable opponent, but because I enjoyed the power her venom gave me. Why?

“All hail your queen!!’

As she bowed down with respect to me, I stabbed her where her heart was supposed to be and I enjoyed every second of it.

I looked at my reflection on a window; I was still human but with a tight fitting black body suit with two red triangles close together on my back. and my eyes…my eyes were completely black.

I loved it.

With my sword in hand, addressing my zombie battalion, I finally was able to speak…

“Call me Excalibur!”

intense eyes
“Call me Excalibur!”

Next thing I know, my eyes are completely wide open and I’m staring at my bedroom window. It’s 9.30am. Last I checked, it was 7.30 and my mother was leaving for work. II was sweaty af, my heart was racing and my beddings were all over the place. I was so glad it was just a dream…a bad and very surreal one. This happened today and I picked up my laptop and started typing before I forgot any important details. And well…here I am now. Are such dreams meant to mean something? Why did I like being evil so much? Am I overthinking this shit? Tf is this shit??? No, I have not watched any horror movies lately or anything to do with spiders. Yoh, I’m still scared. A spider made out of human flesh and bones with snake fangs??? My imagination needs to chill out. This is too much.


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