Sounds from the Cloud

I decided to indulge in music today, from the moment I was done with my chores…coz that’s how you survive in an African home, you gotta do chores!


I have no idea why I ever underrated Soundcloud. I also don’t know why the Kenyan music industry isn’t boosting these arsists because I’ve been having eargasm after eargasm. So far listened to Jason Kalinga, Sichangi, Cr3w Teflon and Karun Mungai.

I’M DROWNING IN THIS AWESOME MUSSIIIICCCC. Songs stuck on replay. Songs so good you don’t want them to end. Bryson who? Drake? No, honey. You need you some J Kali in your life. Troyboi? No, ma’am. Get you a taste of Sichangi. I actually saw the name Sichangi today on twitter for the first time and decided to check it out because oh well, I might as well hear this.

Fam. Brrrruuuuuhhhhhh!!!!

Believe me when I say my heart stopped for a moment. I was listeneing to “If I had superpowers” EDM level: greek god.  I’m picky with my music so just trust me with this one. I never ever imagined that such massive talent could be found in my very own mother land. From what I’ve seen and heard from majority of radio stations, Kenyan  music will make it only if they’re singing about women, booze, having a good time….etc. It’s the only way these artists seem to be remaining relevant. Boy, don’t I miss Camp Mulla, They were the shit! The breakthrough we had craved for. Kidz of the new school then poof! Gone….like magic!! Now we are left with artists whose music is tricky sana. And don’t get me started on some of these gospel artists. If you have to explain why your song is gospel…is it really gospel? How is your gospel song getting played in a club with people dutty dancing to it letting people live? Please drink some Jesus water.

Enough of that.

Dear whoever shall read this, please listen to the artists stated above. These are the people who should be opening for all these international artists who all of a sudden have a crush on Kenya. Or better yet, all yee event organisers, get on sound cloud and scoop up a bunch of these guys to perform at concerts, promoting the “rookies”. All some of them need is one opportunity to shine, the rest is history. I’d love to see them get so big and score collabos with these Big Wig international artists. Listen and tell me,  won’t a collabo with Bryson/Drake and J Kali be so much fire our great grand kids will feel the burn.?? (I think I have a crush on J Kali’s music…hehehe)

I can’t wait to discover more Kenyan talent just chilling on soundcloud. Simply Amazing.


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