“I’m The motherfucking Black Widow!”

I was in a bus, headed to somewhere with a whole bunch of people, majority males, who I knew but didn’t really know. You get me? They must have been classmates, though I only recognized one. Let’s call him Sean. Sean and I were sitted next to each other in this raggedy, crowded old bus. Looking out of the window, sand, palm trees and the … Continue reading “I’m The motherfucking Black Widow!”

Sounds from the Cloud

I decided to indulge in music today, from the moment I was done with my chores…coz that’s how you survive in an African home, you gotta do chores! Soundcloud I have no idea why I ever underrated Soundcloud. I also don’t know why the Kenyan music industry isn’t boosting these arsists because I’ve been having eargasm after eargasm. So far listened to Jason Kalinga, Sichangi, Cr3w Teflon … Continue reading Sounds from the Cloud

Au-revoir M. Lune

IThere’s something about the finality of things. You knew it was going to happen one way or another, you start preparing yourself early to mitigate the effects, you convince yourself that you’ll be strong enough…then finality sets in after it actually happens. The mixture of emotions:- confusion, hurt, pain… You want to cry but you don’t know how; your brain can’t process that emotion. It … Continue reading Au-revoir M. Lune


Those 3-5 hour long conversations…what exactly are we talking about? I really don’t know but i’m laughing my lungs out so it must be fun. We are ourselves, so comfortable, no judgement and in those moments we lose ourselves….and slightly forget we were ever hurt. The endless stories of your adventures and my endeavours, perfection. Your problems, my problems, our solutions. Random phone calls, long … Continue reading Vibing…